The Jerky Hut

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The Jerky Hut

Jerky Hut beef jerky comes in three flavors: Sweet, smoked, and teriyaki. Each jerky flavor is available in four heat levels: Mild, cracked black pepper, crushed red chilies, habanero pepper, and Trinidad Scorpion pepper. If you forget, just check the labels……cowboys are C-O-O-L and cowgirls are H-O-T!

Jerky Hut uses a prime cut to make our beef jerky. Our jerky is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. It has abundant marbling — flecks of fat within the lean — which enhances both flavor and juiciness making Jerky Hut beef jerky soft and tender.

Our famous gourmet beef jerky are usually only found at special events such as: sport shows, boat shows, fishing shows, rodeos, state fairs, national motorcycle events, and even balloon festivals.

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